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Victoria Obenchain, MS

Education Unlimited - Victoria Obenchain, MS (Instructor)

Victoria Obenchain, MS — Instructor

Victoria Obenchain is a dedicated science teacher to primary and middle school age students.  For more than 10 years she has taught at The Salkan School in Moraga, CA where she has focused on hands-on experiential learning.  In addition to her time in the classroom, she coaches an after-school robotics class and each year she is a tour group leader, taking students on international trips to countries such as Costa Rica and Japan.  A valued member of the Education Unlimited team since 2008, Victoria has been one of the most popular teachers in our Science Camp Program and is an inspiring advocate for science education. She loves spending her summers with Education Unlimited because in addition to working with kids who have come to camp to learn, she gets to focus on one subject, such as marine science or astronomy, for an entire week.


Victoria has two degrees in Environmental Science.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Elon University in North Carolina and a Master of Arts in Environmental Education from Montclair State University in New Jersey.