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Amanda DeDiego, PhD

Education Unlimited - Amanda DeDiego, PhD (Instructor )

Amanda DeDiego, PhD — Instructor

Dr. Amanda DeDiego is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming, teaching both graduate and undergraduate honors courses ranging from fundamentals of counseling to graduate practicums.  She has a PhD in Counselor Education from the University of Tennessee and is also a National Certified Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from University of North Georgia. While working on her PhD, Dr. DeDiego worked as a research assistant on a two-year FUTURE program which allows students with intellectual disabilities to attend college level classes and receive intensive work skills training through internships.


Dr. DeDiego has years of experience in mentorship and leadership roles with youth. In addition to her four years with Education Unlimited, she has conducted team building and leadership training with youth using rope course activities; she has published articles and hosted conference presentations on the topic.  She has volunteered her time as a grief counselor and mentor for children through organizations such as Project Dignity.