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Emily Mullaney, MA

Education Unlimited - Emily Mullaney, MA (Camp Director & Instructor)

Emily Mullaney, MA — Camp Director & Instructor

Emily Mullaney is a teacher and doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, working towards a PhD in Education Leadership with a focus on how to best support beginning teachers as they enter the field. In addition to her 7+ years of teaching experience in subjects such as language, culture, and high-school English, Emily has spent the last 15 summers working with children at various summer camps.  She believes in the value of the summer months to continue a child’s social, emotional, and academic development and is thrilled to bring her extensive experience to her role as Camp Director.


In addition to her current doctoral work, Emily has a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education, all from the University of Connecticut.