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Kim Yee

Education Unlimited - Kim Yee (Instructor)

Kim Yee — Instructor

Kim Yee is a lecturer in public speaking at San Jose State University, where she is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on intercultural performance studies.  While completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at SJSU, Kim spent four years as a tutor and intern for the Ohlone College Communication Lab, where her passion for teaching took flight. With her eyes set on a future professorship, Kim looks forward to teaching and guiding students through college to help them realize their strengths and goals.


Kim’s favorite thing about teaching and tutoring is watching students grow and seize their potential as public speakers and effective communicators. She believes that effective communication skills are a valuable tool, and  enjoys interacting with students to remind them that it’s not impossible to give a speech and it’s a skill that anyone can learn with sustained effort and practice. In addition to her studies and teaching, Kim has both participated in and coached competitive swimming.  She is a hobbyist photographer, and enjoys spending time on photo shoots with friends and clients.