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Shaun Holloway

Education Unlimited - Shaun Holloway (Instructor)

Shaun Holloway — Instructor

Shaun Holloway is an English and Composition Instructor at George Mason University, where he is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree.  Through his writing workshops, he focuses on a wide variety of genres including novel, short story, personal and personal and philosophical essays, poetry, radio drama, and graphic novels.  Shaun is a strong believer in the maieutic method, which focuses on learning happening in an environment where there is engaged dialogue with others on the subject matter. He believes that this helps students to develop a growth mindset towards learning.  Students in Shaun’s class should expect to work together to tackle questions that arise in the classroom and look at these as opportunities to learn.


When he is not teaching, Shaun enjoys writing poetry, reading magical realism, and vegetarian cooking.